Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Cancellations of services could be easier

Just had episode today where cancelling my direct debit a month ago did not seem to send any notification to the service provider. It made me think a bit about how these systems and apps we use online still not integrated via any form of notification mechanisms. In the ideal world, direct debit can be set up with a notice period and a notification service to call back on or one that is always used when the service provider registered to use the back for payment processing. Why is such a simple thing so elusive. Security? I will like to use my banking app to cancel my direct debit which notifies the service provider. If there is a months notice period of cancellation, it should be clear on the app which might make me pause before the cancellation. I really should have to search the web for some telephone numbers just to cancel the actual service. May be its just me...

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Feeling like Blogging again

Its been a while since I had a bit of a break. Generally when I am all caught in the work I tend not to have time to reflect. When I do reflect, I feel how dumb and minuscule my life is. There are however some basic observations of how I deal with people around me. I tend to form questions about my observations and today I have had two of such questions. When your mum is geting older 70+ do you talk to her about death and how she feels about the subject or should you do your very best to avoid such matters. She is rather brave and is one of those women that occupy their time by keeping busy and rest devoted to love and family. I however tend to try and imagine if any form of fear is growing on her or not. How do you engage your mum about such subject? The other is one that fascinates me on the subject of gender inequality and role play. This particular one is close to my relationship with my partner and I tend to find it quite hard when I find myself confused in situations where the distinction between the two are quite blurred. Recent Media coverage on 'Baroness Thatcher' may have a bit do with it but not entirely. But I think I need to do some research on what others have already shared on the subject. I am not sure what I will do with regards to the age related question but I do hope I find a way. On the other subject I have got a lot of reading to do.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Post post post !

So it is less than 8 months and I actually feel like writing a post. My inability to picture the target audience probably plays a part to my inaptitude to blogging. But I guess I am getting use to the word blogging instead of talking and also I could also use blogging as lessons for some form of mini editorial about nothing, so far as I get at least two people reading them.

My google summer code proposal did not get very far as the underlying theory had not been tested as yet. But that is such a relief as pretending to be writing my Thesis has been hard work enough to occupy my time this sunmmer.

The arrival of Sophia could potentially change things; make or break me. I think my next blog will be of more mature content. I am growing up and will continue blogging.

Thursday, 27 March 2008

I guess my first was probably not as good as I expected but I have still decided I will give it another go and if I dont get back in less than 8 months to write another post then blogging is probably not for me.

I have been trying to write a proposal for google summer code for this year. This time it is all about developing a tool for measuring data quality for an NHS healthcare database using a Theoritcal framework I have developed during my PHD.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

A virgin

I wonder how my first time will be. I thought it might be remarkable. Did not realise i had to do it alone. May be you should be able to choose some one to initiate the first time. Never mind, I am almost getting over the thoughts that am too boring to have a blog but the idea of something to do then whenever i am bored coding or writing about how data quality can save the world, seems rather appealing.

how boring my first blog, nothing about me yet i hope!